You matter. You are not alone. We’re glad you’re here.

Through the sharing of our stories, we find common ground. We find that we are not alone; that our experience matters and helps others find inspiration, hope, meaning.

We invite you to share your story about why you struggle with being Catholic or why you no longer identify as being Catholic.  If you aren’t sure where to begin, these questions might help:

What causes you to struggle with identifying yourself as Catholic or has caused you to no longer identify as Catholic?

What events, experiences, thoughts or wonderments have shaped or contributed to you no longer identifying as Catholic or make you struggle with identifying as Catholic?

How would you describe your religious identity today?

What are the places that are most important to you, the places where you feel a sense of connection and purpose, the places where you “hangout”?

What brings you a sense of meaning in your life? How do you view the world and your place in it?

What matters most to you today?

Thank you for sharing your story. We hold your story like a treasure and will share it with others only with your permission. We’ll never reveal your name unless given your permission either.

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